Christina Kortum - Owner


Christina's path to a career in makeup for film and TV was not the typical one.  While an interest in science fiction and fantasy led to a bachelor's degree in Creative Arts, career choices after college led to a career in database design and production management (with a bit of moonlighting as a musician).

After moving to Portland, Oregon, Christina had the opportunity to work on a local film production. She quickly realized her unusual career background combined with art and a reputation for being a bit of a Renaissance woman made her an excellent fit for the film industry. With an eye for color, background in chemicals, and her experience in managing staff she began to pursue her dream of a career in makeup for film and TV. Eventually, the customer demand for HD level prosthetics and props  led her to open Ravenous Studios in Portland in 2009.

Ravenous Studios continues to grow and expand services, providing high quality beauty makeup, prosthetics, props, blood fx, and more for local filmmakers in the northwest and beyond.

IATSE Local 488



Located in Portland, Oregon (PST)

Phone:  503-887-5198