Happy New Year!

New year, new website.  I hope you enjoy the new layout, and please drop me a line at info@ravenousstudios.com to let me know what you think!  I'm still getting the hang of how to use this new program, so more content coming soon.


Wow.  2013 went by in a flash!  It was a year full of surprises.  Season 3 of Grimm has kept me very busy, but I was also able to work on 3 features this year during different breaks.  One even took me out of the country!  I got to see Lithuania, and it was an absolutely amazing experience.  The Parlor and Deep Dark are currently in post production, and The Dark Place is completed.  Seal Patrol is a feature I did in 2012, but just was released by Lionsgate on DVD.  There were several short films in there as well - Persophone, Stalker, The Phoenix Project, The New Herald, The Phoenix Project, and more.  We also had the second year of our haunted attraction "Morbid Nightmares" in Vancouver, WA this year.

I have high hopes for 2014.  We're currently looking for a new location for our haunted attraction.  Ira has a fantastic new web series he wrote that I'm very excited about (sci-fi fans....you're absolutely gonna love it), and we hope to start shooting it around February.  We also have a horror script in development, and a couple more projects coming up that I'm very excited about (but can't discuss yet).  It looks to be another exciting year!