Fear is the Mind Killer

My husband likes to say.....don't compare your behind the scenes with everyone else's demo reel.  He says this because I sometime become despondent as an artist when looking at social media.  Part of me is excited to see the artwork and ideas out there, the creativity and imagination at work. It inspires me.  Part of me wonders if I'm ever going to get to that level and I become fearful of the future.  I still have a very long ways to go, even after all my hard work.

It's not always easy to start a project, because if you start you are that much closer to finding out if you are going to be a success or failure.

Fear of failure can be crippling.  Combine that with fear of being judged (which you will always be judged when it comes to your artwork)......and you have a creative who is trapped.

I struggle on every project with a split personality.  The crazy kid in me going "wheeeee!  This is going to be challenging and new and interesting!"  Then there's the other part of me that is terrified I'm going to goof it up, let people down, or be judged by my peers.  The kid usually wins, because kids are just tenacious that way.  Thank goodness.  But it's not easy.

So, if you are a creative looking at social media and feeling despondent.....you are not alone. You don't know the reality of what that artist had to do to get to that point.  Let your inner kid win and go have some fun making art.