Well, it was a whirlwind weekend!  I think this year was one of the best I’ve attended, and I’ve been going since 2005 or 2006.  It’s been a while. 


Some of the highlights for me in regards to demonstrations were Richard Redlefsen and Jason Collins silicone makeup application.  Richard transformed a beautiful model into an aged “Ladybird” Johnson, and Jason transformed Eric Koo into a wizened Native American.  Nix did a beautiful Art Deco inspired body paint that blew my mind on the first day.  Chris Hansen was tearing it up doing some super fun aliens at the Pro Aiir booth.  Cinema Secrets and MUD both had some really inspired makeups.  There are too many to list, and many makeups I admired but wasn’t sure who applied.


The panels this year were also great.  Favorites for me were the making of Thriller, the Orville and Discovery panels, the women of fx. 


One of the biggest treats of the show was getting to meet in person so many of the artists I’ve been following on Instagram and corresponding on Facebook for years.  


Looking forward to the next time I can attend.  It was a memorable show.