It’s February?

Time has been flying!  Partially because I had the crud part of this month (hack hack), and partially because of so much excitement!

First a trailer for Bad Samaritan came out, which is a thriller starring David Tenant and Robert Sheehan, directed by Dean Devlin.  The cast and crew on this film was amazing to work with, I miss them terribly.  It was a real growing experience for me as a department head, and I so appreciated the support I received.  I’m really proud of this film, and can’t wait for it to hit theaters on April 27th.

Here’s the link to the trailer:

Next, Everything Sucks! debuted on Netflix February 15th, and as expected people are loving it.  If you haven’t binged watched it yet, being snowed in is a perfect excuse!  It takes a couple episodes to get rolling, but once it does I know you will be hooked. Again, a fantastic cast and crew and a great group of artists supporting.

What’s next?  Well, possibly some set painting and foam carving.....a love of mine I haven’t been able to indulge in for a few years.  A makeup that I better get started on ASAP.  Finishing up sculpting a cool little creature to puppet....can’t wait to cast it.  Also teaching a mold making class I’m super jazzed about!


Right now however, I’m going to sip something warm and enjoy watching the snow fall.  Stay warm everyone! 



Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks!