Cell Count

"Boasting some of the best special effects I’ve seen in an indie film, Cell Count felt a lot like an extra long episode of Lost. " - Donny Broussard

"The effects are great. For a low budget independent film to have the quality of effects that Cell Count does is very impressive. Freeman could have used digital effects to conserve his limited budget, but he went all out with really great practical effects and horror fans will be thankful that he did."

Shock Till You Drop - Tyler Doupe

"The practical gore work looks appropriately sickly. Diseased flesh, open surgery wounds, and a face enveloping skin-flap are disgustingly well done. "

Bloody Disgusting -  Michael Erb

"That said, Cell Count boosts grisly, cringe-inducing, practical effects (the CGI doesn’t come off nearly half as well), which are the best thing the film has going for it."

Diabolique Magazine - Michele Galgana


"The images that we're given make us want to look away but you just can't bring yourself to do it because it's just that good. The effects are done very well and it's so great to see a film maker use practical effects."

Twisted Central - Gore Whore

The Terror Experiment

"Makeup effects on the stricken, shambling and fallen are top-notch, spilling and spewing blood that’s realistic, yet rancid in a supernatural sort of way." - Staci Layne

Cabin Fever 2016

"Cabin Fever is first and foremost a righteous gross-out. The special effects are downright nasty, and more vividly portrayed than any of the characters. "  - Maitland McDonagh

"Z, adirector who’s not one to shy away from buckets of blood, takes advantage of the advancements in the special effects department over the last 14 years to create repulsive scenes pulled out of dermatologists’ nightmares." - jfriar