Basic Q & A

Q.  How do I contact you?

503-887-5198 (Voicemail) or  If you need an answer ASAP, texting is probably the best way to reach me.  I'm often on set and not able to answer the phone.

Q.  Why don't you have pricing on your website?

A.  Because almost everything we do is custom, and there are usually multiple factors involved.  Time, Budget, and Quality.  Every production is unique in what combo they want, and every quote is unique for that reason.  We try to get you the most bang for your buck, every time.

Q.  What services do you offer?

A.  If you need something unique and not on the list, please ask.  If I can't help you, I'm sure I know an artist I can refer you to.

  • Lifecasting
  • Character Design
  • Custom prosthetic creation and application
  • FX and beauty makeup application
  • Tattoo cover
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Baldcap application
  • Custom costumes
  • Blood effects
  • Air Squibs
  • Blank firing non-gun rental & armorer
  • Prop creation and rental

Q.  Are you super expensive compared to other artists?

A.  No, I'm not at all.  But I'm also not a beginner and  I hope my days of working for pizza are far behind me!  I do have a tip - the sooner you plan your project.....the more money you will save.  Materials and overtime is what causes most directors to go into sticker shock.  SFX makeup supplies often have to be ordered from out of state, and it is painful watching hundreds of dollars in production money goes into rush shipping charges for materials because someone waited until the last minute to call.  Sometimes, because a product is flammable I cannot get it next day shipped.  Also, mold making and sculpting take time - you don't want to be paying overtime.  So plan ahead and save some serious moolah ($$$$).

Q.  Are you willing to travel?

A.  Yes, I enjoy the challenge of traveling and working both out of state or out of country.  I'm familiar with the complexities of shipping makeup and gear and dealing with customs, and my passport is up to date.  The farthest I've traveled to work so far is Lithuania, but it would be fun to break that record (hint hint).

Q.  Do you ever assist other artists?

A.  Yes, I am happy to work as an assistant and actually enjoy the process.

Q.  Are you hiring?

A.  No, currently we have enough resources.  That doesn't mean we wouldn't like to see your work and have you on file as someone to contact in the future, so still send us your resume and three portfolio examples (work done after schooling is preferred).

Q.  Do you take interns?

A.  We do have interns, but we are usually maxed out.....and we have a waiting list.  Please send a resume and several examples of your work to for review.  Also, because of production we may take longer than expected to get back to stay calm if we don't reply right away.

Q.  Do you teach classes?

A.  I do teach classes occasionally, either privately or through events.  Prices vary depending on what the subject is.

Q.  How did you get into FX?
A.  Completely by accident.  I was walking through a local haunted attraction dressed as a vampire (before you ask, yes it was Halloween).  A security guard started yelling at me to get back to my room.  Seeing my confusion, he said "Don't you work here?".  When I 
replied no, he said "Great makeup! Do you want to work here?"  Getting into film was a whole other accident.....I'll have to tell you that one later.

Q.  I want to become the most fantastic FX artist in the world.  Should I go to school?
A.  I have no idea.  It's a personal decision.  Everyone learns differently, so I would take a good hard look at how you learn and make some choices.  I read a lot of books and tried to learn from other artists because I was too broke to go to school.  Everyone is different.

Q.  What sort of makeup should I buy to be an FX artist?

A.  Again, I have no idea.  You just have to start practicing and figure out what you like.  I have a zillion products in my kit....there is no on "makeup" that is the be-all end-all.  Just learn your products.

Q.  I really really really really really want to be an FX artist and I don't know how to start.
A.  Start practicing, start being creative.  Do it today....not when you are in school or in the future. Now.  Go buy some clown white makeup and a black eyeliner pencil and practice skeletons....something, anything!  Raid the kitchen for gore supplies.  Just get moving.

Q.  What is it like being an FX artist?
A.  Long hours, grueling schedules, no sleep, lots of standing, tons of stress, actors dumping emotionally, constant "how the heck am I going to pull that off for $50 bucks?!" sort of moments, and people trying to get out of paying you.  It is also lots of creativity, adventure, problem solving, and painting.  Oh, and cleaning.  Lots and lots and lots of picking up after you make a giant mess trying to meet an insane deadline.  If you don't like cleaning, you are in big trouble.